Kotei date: 31th March – 1st April, 2012


BUDAPEST, Erzsebetvaros Community Centre (Erzsebetvarosi Kozossegi Haz), Wesselenyi u. 17. (A map about reaching the venue from south by car can be found: here.)

Possible accommodations:

The Venue is in the city centre, so we do not organize accommodation this time. Every price and comfort cathegory is available.
Some possible hostels:

Why should you come?
You dare ask this? Ask last years participants. You want a Kotei each weekend, don’t you? If you only plan one or two, try something new. This is our seventh year and we try to make something memorable. You can bet that we will give you some extras. Come and try it.

Entry fee:

Pre-register : 25€
At the event: 30€ (included 1 booster)

Pre-registering starts: 1st march 2012 ends : 25th march 2011.


Send an e-mail to the This mail must contain your name(s) (if you pre-register more players). Entry fee for pre-registered players: 25 Euros You will pay it at the event.

Registration on the event: 30 Euros

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